Chartered accountant services Manchester today

Excellent small business accountant firms Manchester, UK: We are a leading independent firm of chartered accountants in Greater Manchester, operating as accountants, specialist tax accountants and strategic business advisors for a wide range of clients based in Manchester, Lancashire and the North West. Established for over 70 years, we provide a broad range of accountancy […]

High quality benefits when employing fractional CFO by Sam McQuade CFO of Panterra Finance

Quality advantages to hire a flexible CFO with Sam McQuade CFO? Includes producing accurate and timely financial statements, management reports and projections, forecasts, budgets and cost models that are all based in economic reality. Such tools enhance management insight and promote proactive management. By identifying the levers that drive performance they can be calibrated to […]

Quality advantages to hire a interim Chief Financial Officer from Sam McQuade

Best rated benefits when hiring flexible CFO from Sam McQuade CFO of Panterra Finance? The CFO is responsible for effective and efficient financial operations including accounting, financial reporting, cash management, budgeting, maintaining controls and issues such as capital structure, investor relations, and financing. The CFO is also involved with strategic planning and financial analysis related […]

Sam McQuade CFO on interim Chief Financial Officer benefits today

Top benefits to hire a fractional CFO with Sam McQuade? A properly qualified CFO is a business professional with relevant experience within various commercial environments. This important distinction between a career CFO and the CPA is key. The CFO can solve many financial and business problems in short order, due to having had experience in such […]

Premium real estate crowdfunding platforms reviews right now

Quality real estate crowdfunding platforms right now and investment opportunities: This project evolved from the interest in real estate crowdfunding projects. Over recent years a number of crowdfunding platforms appeared in the market, each of them taking different positioning. Being an investor in the crowdfunding platforms, certain tools were developed to monitor and check credibility […]