Advantages for startups when hiring a fractional CFO with Sam McQuade

Sam McQuade CFO discussing innovation and valuation benefits employing a flexible CFO today: A fractional CFO can field his or her experience to ensure that the implementation of new systems is smooth and glitch-free and is done without any disruption to your existing workflow. Raise capital: Business expansion requires the infusion of new capital. From […]

Jewellery & luxury watches investment group by Hossein Mahallati launched in United Arab Emirates

Hossein Mahallati’s luxury watches & jewellery investment group goals for 2023: Founded by Hossein Abdolamir Mahallati a Sucessfull Entrepreneur and Businessman Born & raised in the United Arab Emirates, from a young age, he was surrounded by the family business of jewelry, which instilled in him a passion for luxury and high-end products. This passion […]