InventHelp patent your invention

InventHelp patent your invention today? What is a Patent? A patent is a government-granted monopoly on an invention. It gives the inventor the exclusive right to make, use, or sell the invention for 20 years from the filing date. After that, the patent expires, and anyone can make, use, or sell the invention without permission […]

Best rated Garbanzos food products producer from Sephina Foods Mexico

Cranberry Beans wholesale company from Sephina Foods Sinaloa 2023: Farmers in the United States – the No. 4 chickpea exporter – planted fewer chickpeas this year as poor weather bogged down spring planting and they prioritized more lucrative commodity crops like wheat and corn, government data shows. Meanwhile, top buyers from South Asia and the […]

Real estate crowdfunding reviews right now by

Reliable real estate crowdfunding platforms today and investment opportunities: What is a real estate crowdfunding? Real estate crowdfunding is a capital raising process, during which capital for real estate project financing is being raised from the public via open sources. Developers are using real estate crowdfunding process, when bank financing considers this as of a […]