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Sale safe FFXIV Gil 2022? I get it. FATEs are tedious. The public events see an explosion of fresh players leveling up their characters every expansion. After that, they’re mostly empty. There are simply easier, more enjoyable ways to grind EXP. They don’t provide a great deal of money, either, and even the Grand Company Seals can be acquired elsewhere. Notice a couple of things about that assessment, though? EXP, Gil, Seals: FATEs provide it all. They don’t provide much of any one thing, but the various values add up for the relatively short time it takes to run multiple FATEs. That’s not even including the better moneymaker of FATE grinding: Bicolor Gemstones. This unique currency is only awarded after completing a Shadowbringers or Endwalker FATE. You get 14 for a full, successful clear. You then turn them in to buy animal parts from Gemstone Traders throughout those expansions’ regions. Two gemstones will get you a single hide, bottle of milk, etc. See more info on Buy FF14 Gil.

Owning a housing plot is preferred. To make the most amount of money, you need a housing plot. On top of that, the bigger the housing plot, the better, as larger plots can hold more gardening areas. Use the outdoor garden to crossbreed. Crossbreeding is the way to make the most money, as they produce the rarest of seeds. While you can sell basic plants and make some money, crossbreeding is the to go. This can only be done with plots in the outdoor area of a house. Use the indoor pots to grow crossbred seeds. The seeds I typically grow are Thavnairian Onions. These seeds take 10 days to grow. Instead of putting them in my outdoor plots, they go in my indoor pots to grow, since they are standalone pots that can’t crossbreed.

Despite long queue times and heavily populated servers, players have also been extremely kind to “sprouts,” or newcomers, like me. One party was extremely patient with me as I tried to figure out the Return command for a certain dungeon. And others have given nice tips in party activities, commended my efforts, or just shared a dance or a wave at folks going by. From the sample size I’ve seen, it’s a generally nice community.

Millions of daily players around the world wouldn’t be flocking to a bad game. You might have to wait hours to start Final Fantasy 14 right now, but what awaits you if you can stick out the queue is an MMO that’s genuinely never been in better shape than it is now. The main scenario quests spanning hundreds of hours through A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and now Endwalker are still there beckoning, with A Realm Reborn’s significant runtime now streamlined thanks to Square Enix cutting the fat with updates last year, primed to get newcomers through to the expansions quicker.

It’s a system I honestly really respect. Interest in Final Fantasy XIV hasn’t stopped surging for a while—me and my efforts to play it are proof of that. Gating off new access and limiting trial log-ins so people who have bought and paid for the expansion can get in to play is a solid move. That does mean most of my playtime has happened in “off-hours,” either the early morning or late at night. Sometimes I can ensure a spot in the evening by logging in early, plopping myself somewhere, and shaking the mouse often enough to not get logged out for being Away From Keyboard. But outside of the one or two times I’ve done that, playing has usually had to happen at dawn or dusk.

Note that it’s pretty much impossible to talk about Gil farming in FFXIV without talking about Disciples of the Hand and Land. These are the crafters and gatherers of FFXIV — your Miner, Botanist, Weaver, Alchemist, etc. These Jobs are the chief method of making money from other players. They’re not the only way, but this guide will incorporate a mix of crafting, gathering, and combat tips. Context should make it fairly obvious which cases require a crafter or Gatherer versus a combat Job, but we’ll try to clarify where necessary. Read extra details on https://www.mmopixel.com/.