How to add more Instagram likes

Instagram likes, all people want them People want to be popular on Instagram and for that they need more likes. Choose your filters. Thoughtfully. Filters that increase contrast, correct exposure, with a warmer tone get the best results. Just ask Yahoo and Georgia Tech. Use Instagram’s editing tools over their pre-programmed filters.

Though it might sound frivolous, being consistent in your filtering scheme is one of the top ways to build your Instagram brand. Using the same set of filters (one or two!) for all of your photos helps you create and maintain a consistent visual identity on your Instagram account. This makes your photos instantly recognizable on your followers’ feeds, increasing recognition and getting you more consistent likes.

Everyone loves free stuff! Running a simple like-to-enter giveaway is one of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram. Because the barriers to entry are low (it’s just a double tap away), it’s easy to rack up a ton of likes on your giveaway photo. Create an attractive, engaging photo of your prize (your product is the best way), and put a simple “like this photo to enter for a chance to win.” CTA in your caption. If none of this works you might explore automatic Instagram likes.

Engagement groups or pods are simply a group of Instagram users who come together to support each other with likes and comments. The key to making these groups work is for everyone to abide by the rules and to always offer a like to others in the group. It’s simple, really, yet the rewards can be big. When you get an influx of likes, your content is given a boost by Instagram’s algorithm. It’s a win for all members. Give these tips a try when you want to get more Instagram likes. A few strategic moves on your part can make a big difference in your engagement rates.

Not only should you post regularly, but you also need to aim for a good time to post updates. It doesn’t do you much good to put a lot of effort into an image if no one is online to see it. Finding the optimal time for your target market takes some research, along with trial and error. You’ll need to check your analytics and make adjustments accordingly, but you’ll eventually find posting times that net the best returns on engagement.

Brand owners need to start including a call-to-action (CTA) on every single piece of content published to their page. This includes Instagram Stories, picture and video posts. The more engagement your content receives during the first hour of being published, the more likely Instagram’s algorithm will show your content to a larger number of users. Instagram rewards users who publish highly engaging content. The richer the engagement, the wider the content is distributed organically. Use CTAs to get your followers to do more with your content. A two-way dialogue is paramount to increasing the likes across all your content and page.