Shocking clothing lines list

Controversial fashion collections history! Melania Trump is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to her outfit choices. She faced criticism for the sky-high stilettos she wore to Texas following Hurricane Harvey, she was called out for gardening in Balmain, and, most notably, she sparked outrage this summer when she wore a Zara jacket with the words “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” printed across the back. In what many considered a very calculated move, the first lady wore the jacket while on her way to visit a detention center in Texas that was housing immigrant children who were separated from their parents at the Mexican border.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall/Winter 1993 Collection, “Chic Rabbis” was what Jean Paul Gaultier labeled his Fall/Winter 1993 show because it was inspired by a trip to NYC where he encountered a group of rabbis leaving the New York Public Library. The designer said he loved the elegance of their dress with their hats and huge coats flapping in the wind but the collection came under fire for being culturally insensitive with specific complaints from Hasidic groups concerning female models in the show wearing traditionally masculine hairstyles and clothes.

Tory Burch’s All-White “Juju On That Beat” Ad, Tory Burch was accused of cultural appropriation after featuring three white models dancing to “Juju On That Beat” in her ad campaign. One social media user captured the overwhelming sentiment quite succinctly: “Tory Burch definitely should’ve had women of color in that ad and that’s all I’m going to say about the situation.”

Held at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, one of New York’s most spectacular sites, Kanye West’s now infamous show began with shuttle buses there and back. An hour and a half later, the bus riders joined the crowds and waited in shadeless 83 degree heat. The official start time was 3 PM, but it was not until 4:15 that the West family made their entrance and another 20 minutes before the first model strutted down the runway. The street-cast models were also said to have been standing, sitting and passing out in the middle of the runway. On top of this, the collection was generally agreed by reporters and fashion critics to have been as faded as the models. This could have been because they had been tortured for some hours prior to the show’s commencement, but the pale palette failed to inspire most viewers. West, however, said: “I want to make pieces that can be timeless”. It seems time was of the essence.

Another distressing clothing line is Headhunters Line, a very bold fashion line that already generated a lot of controversy. Sex, guns, distressing message, this fashion clothing line has them all. Read more details on The worlds most dangerous clothing line.